Wigton station looking towards Carlisle.   (JT)
Old Carlisle Roman site with Wigton in the background.
The centre of Wigton.   (JT) 

St Mary's Church in Wigton

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Wigton, 16 km/10 miles from Carlisle, is an ancient settlement and probably developed from the large civilian vicus that grew up around the Roman fort called MAGLONA, the grassy ruins of which now lie beside the A595 road just 2 km south of the town. The Roman site is also known as Old Carlisle Fort and legends surround the place especially after the end of the Roman occupation.

Vikings gave many place names to the settlements that grew up in the medieval era but Wigton, with its Saxon name, was recorded before 1100 AD and gained its market charter in 1262. Much of the town is now made up of Georgian buildings.

St Mary's parish church was built  in 1788 on the site of an older church building that incorporated a Pele Tower. The town is also home to the Catholic church of St.Cuthbert which was built in 1837 to the design of Ignatius Bonomi.

The town was home to Melvin Bragg in his early years. On the way from the station to the town centre, passengers pass an old chapel which is now the John Peel Theatre where the Wigton Theatre Group puts on its productions.

There are 8 parking spaces at the railway station which is about five minutes walk from the town centre.

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