Kirkby-in-Furness station
  A view over the Duddon Estuary at Kirkby-in-Furness.
 Looking north over the Duddon.
 St. Cuthbert's church in the parish of Kirkby Ireleth.

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There was no village called Kirkby-in-Furness until the Furness Railway arrived in the 1850s but much of the local land had been owned by the influential Kirkby family since the 12th Century. The station named Kirkby-in-Furness was built to serve the 6 villages and hamlets called Soutergate, Beckside, Marshside, Wallend, Sandside and Grizebeck - most names showing their norse origins.

Modern day Kirkby is just 5 km/3 miles from Broughton-in-Furness, 8 Km/5 miles north west of Ulverston and 19 km/12 miles from Barrow. It lies on the shore of the Duddon Estuary and offers fine views to the mountains of the Lake District. Part of Kirkby Ireleth parish lies inside the boundary of the Lake District National Park. It is even possible to see birds feeding on the shore as the train passes close by.

Kirkby grew once the railway arrived and because of the exports from the Burlington slate quarries. Some of the slate was taken in the past to the Cumbrian Coast Line by an inclined railway. Tips from the old quarries can still be seen high on the hills and also the outline of the old railway connection to the Cumbrian Coast Line.

Now, the area is home to people who work in the nearby towns or have retired there to enjoy the tranquility, wildlife and stunning views. On a clear day there are wonderful views from the top of Kirkby Moor which rises to 334 metres/1098 feet in height.

Because the village grew from 6 smaller settlements, it is now home to 5 churches, including St Cuthbert's, and 3 pubs, including the 17th Century Ship Inn at Sandside and the Burlington public house. The 19th Century sailor and adventurer, Barnet Burns, came from Kirkby.

The railway station once boasted the longest station seat in the country but this is no longer there. There is no car parking at this station.

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