Green Road

Green Road is a request stop.

 Green Road station, south of Millom.
"Tornado" crossing the Duddon Estuary viaduct, 2 km north-east of Green Road.  (Steve Proctor)

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Green Road station serves the scattered population living to the north-east of Millom. The village is now known as The Green but was once called Rally Green. This older name denotes the practice of gathering livestock there in the past. It is now home to one pub, the "Punchbowl Inn".

The station is 5 km/3 miles from Millom and is on the section of line running along the northern-western side of the Duddon Estuary. Its gardens have won a number of awards, credit being given to the local gardeners. Car parking is available at this station.

Close to Green Road station and accessible from it by a footpath is Arnaby Moss, which is part of the Duddon Special Area of Conservation.

This is a quiet spot that is ideal for people wanting to enjoy tranquility, wildlife and walking. There are fine views across the Duddon Estuary, when looking south, and up into the hills and mountains when looking east and north.

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